Identifying/ Sourcing/ Design Matching/Advanced Advice

Usually a part of specifying, it can be utilised alone for a quick fix or tidy up. With my history in this industry I have developed a keen eye and mind for identifying designs and products in all form of ironmongery. If it’s to expand on an existing range of ironmongery or to match in with a period or décor theme I have the abilities to find the corresponding items or manufacturers. Locks tend to be a real nuisance when dealing with a re-fit or replacement, rather than modernising I can identify and source the right lock to save labour, cost and pure headache! If you are constructing an extension or new building I may be a useful channel to query any possible undertakings, whether it be a pocket door or hidden compartments, I may offer advanced advice and information so a required item doesn’t have to be retro fitted or shoved into place.