Rochester Brewery

A Grand refurbishment of the old Rochester brewery into a collection of 4 high end aparetments, ranging from a modest 2 bed ground flat to a large 4 bed spread across 3 floors with a towering living room at the top. This refurbishment has been tackled using traditional methods to compliment this impressive building. A lot of bespoke wood craft and masonry has gone into this project and it’s a true delight to walk around and see some amazing examples of craft that the local trades can produce. I was tasked in specifying a traditional range of British ironmongery that would really set off the property’s character and appeal. I chose to work with Croft Hardware to achieve a range of bespoke British brass ironmongery. Using polished un-lacquered brass that can be left to antique as the brass quality is so high or to polish it to a brilliant bright finish. Using Oval knob on square back plates for all internal latched doors, I specified a range of bespoke accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and cupboards around the property using the same look and finish.