Talk to the Ironmongery Nerd

My history has really defined my approach; I was quizzed daily about ironmongery at a young age and feel myself still questioning what I know about ironmongery today. Whether it’s an item that I want to find the history and makings off or a section of my industry I don’t feel I know enough about. I like to research, investigate and familiarise myself with the ins and outs of every aspect. From identifying locks in British heritage visits to checking out ironmongery abroad I’m usually getting told off for not paying attention to what’s “really” interesting. I am a self-confessed NERD when it comes to ironmongery, the type of person that if you took me to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa I’d be checking out how its locked in and the security doors around it, probably saying something along the lines of “These aren’t up to standard! This is a fire escape route! Insurance grade my arse!”