H&B.AI is developing into a trusted and helpful Architectural Ironmongery Consultantancy. Grown out of the wealth of experience from the already well-established Hinges&Brackets retail stores. Aims to provide its customers with the inspiration and on-hand guidance to ensure your project is a perfect setup of function and style. We hope that you will follow our progress and enquire about how we can help any projects you might want to undertake.

“Expert hardware solutions for Complex Architectural problems.”

I am dedicated to specifying and supplying quality architectural ironmongery for residential and commercial projects. From doors and windows schedules to kitchen and bathroom fittings and accessories I will source the best quality products and provide bespoke services to make your project an easy success. The range of services I offer range from very traditional to ultra-modern, I believe that only someone who has a history, like mine, can offer the range of services I do at such a high level.


“Taught by the old school, to rule the new school.”

I am Sam Davey, son of Martin Davey, the current director, and the grandson of Fred and Madeline White who were the founders of the Hinges & Brackets ironmongery stores in and around Kent. Hinges & Brackets has grown from its humble beginnings in 1984 into the present with many successful ironmongery stores. It continues to be a major asset to the local construction industry (Take a look at Dad’s site for a lesson in ironmongery!).

From a very young age I have been surrounded by ironmongery and its many topics! Growing up the only boy in my family with a Granddad, 3 Uncles and a Dad that are all involved in the family business of ironmongery, I was quizzed on a pretty much daily basis. So it was only right that I did my share by becoming Ashford’s Saturday boy when I joined secondary school in 2005. I frequently worked for H&B whilst also trying my hand at lifeguarding, swim teaching, carpentry, locksmithing and many other labour jobs. From 2013 to present 2018, I have concentrated on helping manage then solely managing the Maidstone shop. Learning a lot as I went, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunities and guidance to try new things and explore paths in the industry that most don’t get to. I believe with my lifelong involvement in the industry and the guidance from my relatives and colleagues, I am the perfect product of my environment. My abilities come from knowing how to tackle jobs and projects with a personal service that the internet can never beat.

My approach

“Satisfied Customers is my business strategy”

I’ve started this company with a strong idea on what I want to provide and what I want to achieve. Two major factors in achieving that are Service and Product. With the ever-changing retail market in a state of flux worldwide and the continuous flood of information available on the web.  A new strategy is needed from most modern businesses that wish to keep up. What I believe is needed is an innovative new approach to the way we do business, combining old fashioned personal service and hands on experience that builds trust and relationships with the help and efficiency of the web to communicate and relay important information and ideas.

With deep knowledge and understanding of this industry I have gained expertise in the products that I favour to specify. I always recommend the best product for the situation depending on many factors that become vital; Quality, Design, Price, Lead time, Mechanical function, Finish Quality, Product guarantee, Product support and recognition.

“The services that I offer are both traditional and innovative; they are in place to be an efficient way of doing business.”