Metal Plating

Metal Plating is an undervalued service in my eyes. Restoring old or tired metal in and around your property can bring a new life to forgotten corners. Any types of metals can be re-finished, be it brass, steel or iron, all can be brought back to their former glory or changed for a completely different look. Ironmongery can be very limited in the items you can replace size for size, a classic example is front door furniture; knowing you can take off what’s on the door currently and get it re-finished to a gold standard for a fraction of the replacement cost is extremely tempting. Especially old English hardware, it is usually produced in imperial sizes and made out of solid cast brass or iron. The quality of re-finishing that item over getting a cheap mass-produced alternative is second to none and getting it for the same price puts the last nail in the coffin for me. The selection of finishes is achieved by a careful application and polishing. Prices and turnaround vary on the work that goes into restoring a product, it can be very time consuming.